All Beach Dreams Lead to Highway 12....

I have had two dreams that have dominated my 35 years on planet Earth:

1. Own my own business.
2. Live on the Outer Banks.

On paper, these seem pretty simple, don't they? In reality, they're both pretty complicated. I grew up in a self-employed family, so I saw firsthand all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into making dreams of self-reliance happen. It would be much easier to just keep my day job working for "the man" until retirement, then try to make my dreams happen.

The problem with that idea is that, like everything else in life except death and taxes, a long and healthy retirement is not guaranteed. Chris and I had spent years living below our means (which meant living in a house that we loved (my mom grew up there!) but in a neighborhood our friends made fun of, driving old vehicles, and not having children), and for what? To maybe, someday, be able to chase our dreams?

We decided that the time to chase our dreams is now, not later. But what business to start? I hadn't a clue and prayed that God would lead me to what I was meant to do with my life.

When hubs and I got married seven years ago, I remember wanting to register for some monogrammed bedding, towels and such....but everything was SO expensive that I decided not to. Fast forward about five years, and I started getting invites to monogram-themed baby and bridal showers...and while the other attendees were marveling at the gifts, I was thinking about the business opportunities that laid before me.

An embroidery and monogramming business intrigued me. I had always been creative, but hadn't found quite the right niche. Plus, it was a business that I could do from home, regardless of where that home is! The possibility that I could have my own business, work from home, and be able to move to the beach was more than I could stand!

But I wanted to offer something a little, on a budget. Gifts that were well-made and beautifully embroidered that my customers would be proud to give, thrilled to receive, and didn't have to be millionaires to afford them.

After many late nights doing research, coming up with ideas for products to sell, learning how to use my new 10-needle embroidery machine, messing things up and trying again, here we are. Hubs is every bit as proficient (and probably more so) at running the machine and creating embroidery designs as I am! I truly could not have done this without him.

In the fall of 2014, we took the leap and moved to the OBX, and we love every minute of it!

Chase your dreams. You never know what might happen!

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